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Body Painting on Women is a portal plenty of related Articles, Pictures, Videos and Supplies. Browsing our website you will find useful information for your next body painting adventure.

We are dedicated to promote Body Painting throughout the world. Body Painting represents a new way to express feelings and emotions using the woman's body as the most perfect canvas ever created. Body Paintings are an amazing form of art expression breaking the barriers of limitations imposed by the society on nudism and the freedom of being naked.

We do believe that Body Painting also brings a new opportunity for girls in the world to have fun starting a new adventure using their body as the perfect vehicle to have more fun at their lives. These Body Painted Girls have the courage and patience to be naked while they are being body painted. When completed their painted body is a perfect artwork that deserves admiration and recognition.

We have been selecting Videos, Pictures, Articles and Supplies, so you can get enthusiastic and motivated to enjoy a new adventure using your  body as the vehicle for more fun in your life. The Videos has been carefully selected to provide value and meaning to the  experience; most of them has been selected at Youtube for convenience and safety. The Pictures has been selected on different body painting websites and we are disclosing the source so you can pay a visit to these websites.

We do recommend our male visitors to admire and enjoy these beautiful body painted girls and for some of you we suggest to send your criticism on vacation while you visit us and admire the great work the body paint artists has done on these girls and models. To our female visitors, we encourage you to take action and get ready for your next adventure; it is exciting to be naked for a good cause and also to have good stories to share with your family and friends.

Enjoy your visit and share with your friends our website.

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Sports Illustrated Models

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine, has in recent years featured body painting models that were body painted. You'll be able to watch these top body painting girls totally naked wearing just body painting. In some cases, you'll hear from them, their testimony of how they feel being naked and filmed, while these girls have fun and excitement thanks to the photoshoot  session.

Sports Illustrated models for Body painting like Heidi Klum, Brooklyn Decker, Ashley Greene, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Alyssa Miller, Kenza Fourati, Melissa Satta , Kate Upton , Irina Shayk, Shannan Click , Izabel Goulart, Natalie Gulbis, Natalie Coughlin, Alex Morgan , Jessica Gomes, Tori Praver , Quiana Grant , Julie Henderson, Marisa Miller , Jessica White and Bethany Dempsey, are totally naked just wearing body paint.

We do recommend you to watch Kate Upton, Irina Shayk, Alex Morgan, Brooklyn Decker, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Nicole Lee and Melissa Satta nude videos.

Enjoy these Sports Illustrated Body Painting Videos as much as we did. They were make using the best artists, photograpers, videographers and models in the world.


Body Painting Girls

Body Painting Video of a Girl has a positive moment in this era. The Body Painting Video is now being used for  advertisement, festivals,  promotions, expos and many other venues. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, published annually, has in recent years featured a section of body painting models that were body painted, attired in renditions of swimsuits or sports jerseys.

The body painting video included in this section, are related to girls and  models. Most of the body painted girls appears in amazing videos that shows incredible body paintings and awesome girls.

You'll find videos from Kate Upton who is the sexiest Top Model today, Jennifer Nicole Lee who is the sexiest body painting girl in Youtube for 2011, Ashley Green, Melissa Satta, Brooklyn Decker, Heidi Klum, Irina Shayk and other hot models.

We have selected and watched these videos to ensure that you have a positive experience once yoy finish your visit to our website.

Enjoy any body painting video in this section and admire these amazing girls, models, celebrities and women.

Women Body Painting

These are Women Body Painting Videos for you to enjoy. These body painting on women videos will show how  painters and artists get their jobs done. You'll be able to watch live moments during the makings. These artists and professionals are teaching how to paint a woman and to accomplish these hard to make pieces of art.

Women Body Painting Videos delivers a powerful message to the audiences where art and beauty combines into a perfect deep moment of pleasure and excitement.

The Women Body Painting Videos are popular and requested al over the world due to their popularity and uniqueness.

Enjoy these Women Body Painting Videos and have a good time admiring these amazing girls.

What is Body Painting

Body painting is an ancient art form that is growing in popularity today.

This is a growing trend these days and is becoming one of the most popular types of body art. While other types of body art like tattoos are meant to last a lifetime, body painting is a temporary art form, which usually lasts just for a few hours. If henna is used, it can last for a couple of weeks.

Modern Body Painting

With the liberalization of thought and wider acceptance of public expression of cultural freedom, especially regarding nudity, in the 1960s, body painting as an art form has witnessed a revival in the West. However, there is still debate today about whether body painting is truly an art form, although its practitioners and followers have no doubt about it being so. This is quite apparent not only in the proliferation of parlors and artists, but also the festivals that are held regularly in the United States and Europe.

Female Body Painting

A collection of casual Female Body Painting Videos from ordinary people. We have selected these female body painting videos for you to relax and enjoy. The female body painting videos show how body painted girls can enjoy a great moment of fun and excitement, taking the next action towards body painting.

The female body painting is very popular in this days due to the excitement and fun they video production cause.

We hope you can get inspired for these female body painting videos and have your next body painting adventure ready in the near future.

Body Painted

The Body Painted Pictures in this gallery has been selected for their uniqueness and creativity. They do express the art combines with the beautiful canvas of a naked body. Pictures of girls with the body painted are at the corner between nudity and art; that is the perfect combination of excitement and creativity.

These Body Painted Pictures of girls and women represents the modern expression of art combined with fun and excitement. Being body painted is a thrilling experience that brings a lot of adrenaline to your life. At least you'll have a couple of months to share with your friends about the funny body painting session you were involved in.

The painted body of a woman is the best canvas ever due to the fact that is all natural, human, expressive, sensitive and the best of all, is the most beautiful creation ever on earth.

Enjoy these amazing body painted pictures and share with your friends, maybe one of them will lead you to your next body painting adventure,

Nude Body Painting

The Nude Body Painting Pictures Gallery contains images from girls that expose themselves nude, naked or with a evident sexual drive. We believe that sex is part of life, and girls can use those sexual feelings to express their natural impulses using body painting.

These pictures of nude girls for a body painting session, were selected because nudity was not an issue for any of these girls. Because nude body painting is very common and is becoming the new trend for public nudity, these girls were not shy of showing their bodies.

If you love art or seeing the human form as a canvas, step inside to enjoy some nude body painting pictures of the great erotic art, body painting and nude photography of today. This is one of the most daring, exhaustive, breathtaking collection of nude body painting pictures ever compiled. Powerful naked body painting images to please the human spirit.

Soccer Body Painting

The soccer body painting pictures you'll find in this section will be funny and inspirational . And we'll show you the sexiest soccer body painting girls wearing just inspirational Body Painting paint, each of them representing different countries.

Soccer Body Painting Girls are popular over the internet because they have a mixed of beauty, sex, art, and the best sport in the world. Because of that mix these  girls has been admired for many internet users. Pictures where girls have the body painted, are on demand all over the world. A hot girl painted is always very attractive, but soccer girls are specially unique because their fans loves everything about them.

These pictures are here for your pleasure and joy. Each of these pictures have required a huge effort from both the girls and the artist. These girls are nude but they look like dressed wearing just body paint.

Soccer Fans around the world should start thinking on getting painted to support your soccer team being nude having the team's jersey painted on their body.

We expect body painting on women soccer pictures to grow in quantity and quality over the next months, because the next soccer world cup is coming.

Body Painting Art

Find sexy and inspirational body painting art pictures in this section. Body painting is art made on the human body. The most common types of body art are tattoos and body piercings, but other types include scarification, branding, scalpelling, shaping, full body tattoo and body painting.

Body painting art is also a sub-category of performance art, in which artists use their own body to make a particular statement.

These body painting art pictures are here to promote the art where the most sensitive and beautiful canvas is used.

Female Body Painting

Inspirational female body painting pictures taken at the beach and other public places and studios. These girls are naked, but they look like wearing clothes and swimsuits. Watch the female body painting pictures and get amazed of the quality of each of these body paintings.

That's why not all the graffiti you'll see at the beach will be on the walls. Some beach-goers will be wearing it on their bodies. They're treating their skin as if it were a canvas.

We have selected these female body painting pictures from galleries all over the internet. We are disclosing the source of the pictures, so you can pay them a visit. This body painting gallery will drag you to spent time admiring these hot painted girls while you enjoy a good time.

We hope you'll get inspired by these Female Body Painting Pictures, to try body painting the next time you are looking for fun and excitement.

Sexy Body Painting

The Sexy Body Painting Pictures Gallery contains images from  girls which purpose was to show their naughty side and to inspire spicy feeling on the person looking at the picture.

We ask you to focus on the artistic side of the picture and admire all the effort and courage that takes to get ready for these pictures. Girls has the natural right to express themselves without the fear to be judged or labeled without even knowing them.

Warning: Some of these sexy body painting pictures are from sexy girls that are totally naked. These painted girls are nude wearing just body painting paint. Because pictures of body painting are taken on naked girls, the chances intimates parts of the body could be exposed are high. If you feel naked girls bodies offensive, please leave the site and come back another day when you have take these feelings out of your mind.

We wish you to enjoy these pictures of sexy body painting  as much as we did.